Audi Sport livestreams from racecar cockpit using MVP-6 transmitter

M1 GT Racing – and Audi Sport customer race team headquartered in Florida – recently selected KenCast to live broadcast races from inside its Audi R8 LMS cockpits to digital audiences worldwide.

The system uses six cellular connections within an MVP-6 transmitter to broadcast a video feed originating from a PTZ camera mounted on the cockpit’s roll-cage.  The PTZ camera can be remotely controlled in real-time from anywhere in the world via KenCast’s VideoManager web interface,  removing the team’s broadcast engineer from the race-day noise and activity in pit lane.

The feed is then forwarded to Livestream, leveraging the streaming technology company’s digital infrastructure to deliver the broadcast to thousands of viewers worldwide.

In addition to the in-car system, M1 GT Racing is using the Mobile Viewpoint Streamur iPhone app with an external microphone to broadcast live driver interviews in pit lane to its Livestream channel.  The result is the beginnings of M1 GT TV: the first self-produced Internet television network for the worldwide GT series car racing circuit.