Retail (Digital Signage)

KenCast provides content delivery for some of the largest retailers and education providers in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These entities count on KenCast’s solutions to deliver content to many, sometimes even thousands, of their locations across the globe in digital signage systems and distance learning applications.

To meet the need for retailers to display their multimedia message to customers using digital signage and to provide employee training, KenCast offers a full line of digital signage solutions. KenCast’s digital signage solutions are currently deployed with several U.S. retailers, some of them showing ad-based content and some of them increasing their brand awareness, all using the reliability that comes when deploying any of KenCast’s products.

For minimal up front investment and quick deployment KenCast offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution as well as turnkey systems. For both choices, KenCast has content creator partnerships with companies that have extensive experience, especially in the franchise business, when it comes to content creation and marketing.


KenCast’s Products for Retail (Digital Signage) are available in formats for:

Retail (Digital Signage) Workflow Illustration