Video On The Move (VOTM)

Learn to be an Online Producer of Your Own Events

button_learn_vazzt2Now you have the capability to become an independent TV producer in just a few small steps. Capture sporting and music events, conference proceedings, emergency events, community events, and more, and stream your video live. KenCast Vazzt Video-on-the-Move (VOTM) products allow you to stream your events live on the Internet for your community of users to see from anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device (PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone). Vazzt Services help you keep up with the increasing demands and upgrades of current technology markets. Our products are built with high-level capability for increasing speeds on 3G/4G networks, big name media players, and quality video delivery on cameras, laptops and smartphones. Now you can comprehensively capture, broadcast and charge viewers for high-quality, live streaming content.

Additional Vazzt technology benefits:

  • Provides forward error correction to overcome lost/damaged parts of live video streams
  • Bolsters network bonding aggregates bandwidth, enabling higher quality video and better coverage
  • Offers adaptive bitrate encoding to ensure continual smooth streaming for busy networks


VOTM Products

The one-rack unit EdgeSpan Studio appliance is a server that receives H.264 feeds from the Internet from up to four field cameras simultaneously. The feeds are processed by the Studio Software which can select and output one of the feeds on an SDI channel from any of the four input sources. The larger three-rack unit can output all four video feeds simultaneously.