FAZZT® Technology

Delivering Streams Fast

The KenCast Fazzt® Digital Delivery Software enables efficient, reliable, and secure multicast and unicast distribution of large files and live streams over terrestrial and satellite networks. Fazzt reliably delivers multimedia content at speeds exceeding 400 Mbps per channel in fiber optic networks, using advanced error-correction, compression and validation software.

Fazzt enables publishers of multimedia content to securely and economically transmit to multiple endpoints any type of digital file or stream. The content can be forwarded through multiple and diverse networks, while maintaining data integrity throughout. KenCast's content delivery products are unparalleled in their reliability and efficiency. That's why clients like Associated Press, Bank of America, Viacom, several TV news networks and government agencies use our Fazzt products.

KenCast's patented Fazzt Forward Error Correction (Fazzt FEC®) technology is a proprietary error correction procedure provided at the core of every Fazzt Digital Delivery System. It is the most efficient and economical way of assuring that receiving sites get each file in perfect condition the first time.

KenCast's unique Fazzt FEC algorithms assure the highest level of broadcast reliability, in sunny or rainy weather, and even where no return links are available. Via satellite or terrestrial networks, Fazzt reliability is available end-to-end, network to network, from capture by content provider right through to the end-user, even to the mobile user equipped with a handheld device. Fazzt FEC offers the administrator many options for selecting the type of error correction most effective for the particular network and broadcast conditions.

Our Fazzt FEC can be applied at the channel level, allowing protection to extend across multiple transmissions. This is particularly advantageous for applications transmitting large numbers of media files. KenCast takes pride in its content delivery technology, providing:

  • High reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Security

For accelerated file delivery on two-way networks, Blazeband technology provides acceleration of content delivery over IP networks. Blazeband works on point-to-point links to maximize the bandwidth utilization while maintaining the reliability that is the cornerstone of KenCast's solutions. Blazeband allows file transfers to be performed many times faster than traditional methods such as FTP or HTTP. Blazeband can accelerate content delivery on the Internet, wireless networks and corporate WANs.

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Included among the Fazzt content delivery products are EdgeSpan® hardware appliances: