Entertainment & Media Solutions

Get Content Delivered Fazzt

KenCast content delivery solutions provide flawless delivery of very large files, even cinema-size files over 300 GB in size. Entertainment and media companies are faced with the task of moving very large files to thousands of locations including movie theaters, cable headends, hotels, households and TV stations. KenCast’s streaming products deliver as well as record content, which can be played back on TVs and Smartphones.


Our products provide patented Fazzt® FEC technology in all our software for delivery over satellite to all receivers at once, using multicasting technology. A single missing or corrupt packet in these encrypted files can make the whole file unavailable. Our technology is ensured, eliminating potentially 2-way networking for feedback and retransmissions. That’s why clients such as FoxNews.com, MSNBC, CBSNews, Raytheon and IBM have trusted us with their content for years.

Digital Signage Solutions

Looking to advertise your media assets in a bold, brilliant and digital way? KenCast has digital signage solutions that work hand-in-hand with your select needs. Our offerings allow entertainment and media companies to:

  • Display pre-features and live events on a digital cinema screen
  • Show real-time video using LCD displays
  • Promote your media on lobby monitors

Learn more about our digital signage offerings here.

Interactive Distance Learning (IDL)

Our content delivery capabilities are there for you in the growing sector of virtual employment and the online classroom, as well. Inform and educate employees anywhere while reducing your bottom line.

  • Offer on-site virtual training for employees
  • Stream real-time classes, conferencing and events
  • Broadcast real-time announcements from the company headquarters

Our Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Products:

Entertainment & Media Workflow Illustration

Send TV news files, SD/HD and 3D cinema files, stream live events, multicast on satellite, unicast on fiber and the Internet. Deliver to theaters, telcos and cable headends, transcode, deliver on the web, TVs and Smartphones.