VazztPitcher – The Mobile File Broadcaster

The VazztPitcher is KenCast’s live streaming software for sending/receiving very large data files and live streaming video across a wireless and/or wired network, supported by maximum bandwidth.

VazztPitcher is next-gen video and data streaming technology that provides the user with the best of both worlds. It combines our two broadcast programs, the VazztCaster HD software program for streaming your live video, and our MBCaster software program that sends very large data files from the field. Both technologies have been used by the military as well as by sports producers, entertainment and TV media, and by public safety agencies.

The VazztPitcher includes our technology that receives the two broadcasts into a single program called the VazztHub – a transceiver that broadcasts point-to-point and/or multicasts. This combination can enable a multicast network or convert the one-way multicast network into a full two-way mesh network.



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