Fazzt EdgeSpan Video Channel, Client

In addition to offering the same functionality as the EdgeSpan Signage, the EdgeSpan Video Channel can also output video into a digital video network, for example, into a hotel’s in-room network (using QAM or ASI). This meets the need for clients who wish to add digital video channels, such as a hotel, or for venues that do not have Ethernet throughout the building (older buildings, ships, etc.). This combination of output to both set-top boxes (IP TV STBs) and TV (QAM/ASI) networks from one box is unique because it simplifies the transition period from a digital RF network to a fully deployed IP network, all in one box.

Key Signage Features

  • Powerful rule-based scheduling with day-parting and location-based playout
  • Support for the most common media formats including H.264 video and AAC audio, multiple picture formats, RSS feeds, and HTML pages
  • One appliance manages and controls a virtually unlimited amount of inexpensive and reliable IPTV STBs
  • Supports video on demand from the STB using a remote control
  • Enables advance logging of playout and content access
  • Supports live and cached video
  • Includes built-in support for outputting video into a QAM/ASI network using integrated card