Fazzt Enterprise Server Software with Signage Module

The Fazzt Enterprise Server Software with Signage Module has the resiliency and scalability to ensure that your digital signage network can grow seamlessly without compromising efficiency or reliability. Working in a multi node environment, uptime is greatly improved using KenCast’s Fazzt FEC® (Forward Error Correction) to securely  send your video and other assets, ensuring a highly efficient content delivery experience.

In addition, the server supports multiple levels of user access separating the work of content creation, content scheduling, system monitoring, and administration into separate user experiences.



You’ll receive:

  • Extensive monitoring and alarm reporting throughout the network
  • Increased uptime with automatic  failover and redundancy at the server
  • Frequent updates to the KenCast software and the OS, managed centrally from the server


KenCast solutions allow for simplified web-based workflow through streamlined playlist creation and content management. You’ll get:

  • Efficient content delivery via satellite multicast with Fazzt FEC®, or web unicast using KenCast’s Blazeband® acceleration
  • Rule-based scheduling with day-parting and location information, eliminating scheduling issues for large networks


KenCast customizes its products to work within the customer’s workflow and to integrate with third party applications like gaze tracking, etc. You can:

  • Tailor to fit your specific needs with our assistance, or by using our ADK and SDK
  • Customize your web interface, choosing the features you want users to see
  • Operate on any IP network or a combination of different IP networks. (e.g., satellite, ATSC, DSL, 3G, 4G, and  WiFi)
  • Configure playlists with several different screen layouts using included templates

Fazzt Enterprise Server Products


The Fazzt Enterprise Server with Signage Module is also available as a software-only product.