Fazzt EdgeSpan Signage Appliance, Client

The EdgeSpan Signage Client appliance receives content via multicast, streams out to multiple set-top boxes (STB) and streams to monitors for playout. This one to many to many approach, where one satellite feed can feed an unlimited number of EdgeSpans and the EdgeSpan can stream out several unique HD video streams to set-top boxes for playout on screens, has proven to be cost-effective and is reliable for clients with multiple screens per venue. This latest generation appliance has several performance improvements, including RAID hard drives, and operating systems running on flash modules. In addition to streaming out content to STBs, KenCast also offers a software version of its media player, the EdgeSpan Player S/W, which can replace the third party STB. This is useful when you need to run applications like gaze tracking or distance learning that might require general purpose appliances in addition to playing back the video to the screen.

Key Signage Features

  • Powerful rule-based scheduling with day-parting and location-based playout
  • Support for the most common media formats including H.264 video and AAC audio, multiple picture formats, RSS feeds, and HTML pages
  • One appliance manages and controls a virtually unlimited amount of inexpensive and reliable IPTV STBs
  • Supports video on demand from the STB using a remote control
  • Advance logging of playout and content access
  • Support for live and cached video