Digital Signage

KenCast’s digital signage products come in several different versions depending on your needs. What they have in common is the reliability and flexibility that comes when using KenCast’s Fazzt Enterprise server at the head end for content and network management in conjunction with our robust hardware solutions at the playback venue.


Signage Solutions

If your needs call for displaying content on multiple screens at each venue, or if you want to use a satellite network for distributing your content, the EdgeSpan Signage Appliance is the solution for you.

If you have an existing digital TV network (hotels, etc.) then the EdgeSpan Video Channel can output clear QAM or ASI (in addition to the functionality of the EdgeSpan Appliance) making it the product of choice. For larger audiences and diverse locations, the Tempo Media Appliance is a secure distribution point for play-out of high quality multi-media content to, or interactivity with, desktops, mobile devices or televisions. It delivers high quality video and multimedia communications over the Internet or a corporate WAN, or a combination of them all. The Tempo is your solution for associate training, corporate communications, interactive distance learning and digital signage.

Our reliable, efficient and customizable Signage Module allows users to create playlists, add and schedule content, provides advanced proof of playout, incorporating monitoring of all the players, as well as the screens.

Signage Workflow & Product Lineup


Digital Signage Products

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