Digital Cinema

KenCast continues to enhance its cinema offerings to meet the latest requirements in the way film studios and entertainment vendors distribute content to theaters.

KenCast’s offerings support:

  • Very large size files (over 400 GBytes)
  • Higher resolution, including 3D
  • Live streaming (also increasingly in 3D)
  • DVR (time-shifting) support
  • In-theatre advertising/signage capabilities
  • Faster Internet speeds
  • Use of terrestrial fiber networks in post-production
  • Cutting edge digital projectors, storage devices and other equipment
KenCast has streamed live performances from the New York Metropolitan Opera to movie theaters.

KenCast has streamed live performances from international opera houses to movie theaters.

Working with movie theater chains and Hollywood’s leading studios such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros Pictures and NBC Universal, KenCast provides leading edge technology for transmitting cinema-size files and live event performances terrestrially and via satellite.

Check out our demo of ad splicing into a live event broadcast – something you may see in the not-too-distant future at your local cinema.


KenCast streams movie files for many of Hollywood’s leading studios (like this featured trailer). If you’ve watched a movie in a theater in North America, there’s a good chance the film was streamed by KenCast.

Digital Cinema Workflow & Product Lineup


Digital Cinema Products

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