FAZZT Publishers

Fazzt Contribution Server

The Fazzt Contribution Server software program is optimized to let you send content on a two-way network (TCP/IP) to a Fazzt Enterprise Server. The Contribution Server enables the content provider to locally manage channels, transmission schedules, access to content, user permissions, and many other related functions that traditionally are administered at the central hub server. This gives the content provider complete control over content management and distribution, while still allowing them to benefit from the advantages of the Fazzt Enterprise Server’s shared content delivery capabilities.

Fazzt Power Publisher

The Fazzt Power Publisher software program is a special purpose server that sends its content through a communications tunnel to an Enterprise Server. The Power Publisher has much of the same capabilities of the Enterprise Server, but the actual transmission and distribution is managed by the Enterprise Server.

Fazzt Satellite Publisher

The Fazzt Satellite Publisher software program enables a one-way multicast via satellite to one or a few sites with a Fazzt Client. It is often used to carry content from a remote site, like a movie set on location or from a military surveillance ship, to a central hub where the content is received, stored or processed.

EdgeSpan Contribution Server

The EdgeSpan Contribution Server is the preferred product for content providers to use in the preparation and delivery of content to one or more Fazzt Enterprise Servers. Content can include both files and live streams. File content may be sent in either a store‐and‐forward mode, or in a pass‐through (tunneling) mode. All channels available for Fazzt Server products are available for the Contribution Server, including multicast and unicast UDP channels, channels for opportunistic data insertion, Tunnel channels, and the new Blazeband channels introduced with Fazzt 8 for accelerated delivery over two‐way networks. The Contribution Server uses all of the Fazzt reliability technologies including Fazzt Forward Error Correction, validation, and the missed packet collector. It also includes all of the channel management, multiplexing, bandwidth management, queuing, and scheduling features available in the Fazzt Enterprise Server. The Contribution Server operates in conjunction with a Fazzt 8 (or later) Enterprise Server and includes all the features on the Fazzt Enterprise Client. Equipped with Dual Gig‐E interfaces for multiple network operation and DVB‐S2 satellite advanced modulation scheme.

Key features include:

Multi-user Support

The Contribution Server is designed to be used by multiple users and includes a web interface for administrators as well as the Fazzt Distribution Center web interface.

A Disk‐on‐Module flash drive to store the Linux Operating System.

Single and optional multiple hot-swappable HDD (up to 1TB capacity) and optional (software) RAID 1 data mirroring and redundant power supplies.