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KenCast has partnered with Dutch bonded-cellular technology company, Mobile Viewpoint, to provide unique end-to-end mobile video solutions within the U.S.  With applications in a variety of markets ranging from public safety surveillance to drone site inspection to live event broadcast (and everything in between), KenCast’s cellular network-based, low-latency HD platforms are designed to spec for operation in virtually any environment and use scenario.

  • Instead of simply providing one component of the entire workflow, KenCast crafts end-to-end, turnkey live broadcasting solutions.
  • Strategic third-party partnerships and seamless product integration provide clients with a diverse set of existing options to meet virtually any use scenario’s needs.
  • For more specialized feature sets, full in-house hardware/software customization ability ensures that clients’ needs aren’t compromised to fit an “off-the-shelf” solution.
  • KenCast’s broadcast technology is platform-agnostic, enabling clients to incorporate new hardware into existing frameworks.
  • With a strong worldwide network of Mobile Viewpoint partner companies, clients can ensure quality support in platform deployments virtually anywhere in the world.
  •  KenCast’s partnerships with America’s major cellular providers afford clients live broadcast capabilities over commercial cellular networks at a fraction of consumer costs.
  • For applications extending beyond cellular coverage boundaries, KenCast-recommended third-party KA-band satellite providers afford clients turnkey video broadcasting from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Public safety / emergency response: remote surveillance and situational awareness
  • Oil / natural gas: facility real-time remote monitoring
  • Live events / news-gathering: live broadcasting from any location with full portability (ex: breaking news, sporting events, concerts, etc.)
  • Field inspection: remote real-time site monitoring (ex: power utilities, telecommunications, construction, etc.)
  • Corporate America: reliable real-time large-scale meeting streaming from remote locations
  • Incorporation of drone/UAV live broadcast into any of the above applications
  • OTT streaming platform: HD web-based streaming solutions for playback on Android and iOS devices and PC’s
  • Rack-mount solutions: output live feeds from rack-mount units within an MCR via HDMI, HD-SDI or IP connections
  • Hardware: purchase, 1- or 2-year lease options
  • SaaS options for end-user OTT streaming
  • Monthly cellular billing based on data consumption, not specific data plans

For a field technology overview, please visit Mobile Viewpoint online at

To learn more about KenCast’s custom solutions to meet your specific field broadcast needs, please don’t hesitate to be in touch – we’d love to hear from you.
P: (203) 359-6984