event cinema

Talented performers, universal plot themes, mind-boggling special effects, and exquisite sets have enchanted movie goers for generations. 

Now with event cinema, viewers can experience movies in an even more intimate way with live Q & A, sporting events, concerts, and live theater.

At interactive live Q & A events, performers and movie makers answer questions from the audience. KenCast technology has been used to broadcast live Q & A events before major movie releases all across the United States.

KenCast technology was also used to deliver the live broadcast of the UEFA Champions League soccer game. An innovative central content management system was used as part of the digital cinema offering. 

As a result of live event cinema, the global movie industry is expected to generate more than $1 billion by 2019.

As an example of effective event cinema, The National Theater (NT) in the United Kingdom has distributed more than forty world-class theatrical productions since 2009. And so far, has increased their number of audience members by more than 50%.

Most noteworthy, event cinema is allowing organizations and artists to build their brands within international markets without having to go on tour.

If you are looking for a cost efficient solution to event cinema, KenCast has a new solution.

We will be releasing our latest product that combines the reliability of the CinemaPro with the decoding capabilities of the 2K decoder at this year’s CineEurope event in Barcelona, Spain—the Edgespan EventPlay

Some of the key features of the EventPlay include:

  • Integrated satellite receiver, storage, and video decoder
  • Support for pre-recorded DCPs and live events
  • Encore support with DVR time shifting
  • Centralized and localized management

We are excited to speak with you about how the EventPlay can help your clients with their unique event cinema endeavors at CineEurope.

We will be at booth 405. Please feel free to drop by or e-mail us to schedule an onsite meeting.

We will be releasing more information about the EventPlay in the coming months.

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