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KenCast has been privileged to work with great clients in a variety of industries across the globe. These organizations rely on KenCast to provide secure content delivery, digital signage, digital cinema, and mobile video delivery everyday.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“One of the things I like about KenCast is the support. You never call and get a random tech. You get the guy who actually worked on the program. We did a complete automation system overhaul that we rebuilt from scratch and of every piece of third party software or hardware that was in our system before and the only thing that remained that was not built in house was the Kencast Multi Cast Utility.”

Chris Stasi, SVP Day to Day Operations & Technology Development, TVN. Watch Video

“KenCast gives me the reliability, even in extremely challenging reception environments to know that my content is going to get through. It’s reliable. Essentially it works. It really works. The KenCast team is experts in what they do. They not only stand behind their products but they’re excited about what they’re doing.”

Mark O’Brien, Executive Vice President, Chief Technologist, Spectra Rep. Watch Video

“The nice thing about KenCast’s products is that they are easily customizable. You can build any kind of skin or interface around them and eliminate the elements that you do not need.”

Dave Beliveau, Co-Founder, TeraLogics. Watch Video


Mobile Video Specific

“…it’s a homerun for us when we can pull our firefighters out of the building, and only put our cameras at risk.”

Tim Herlocker, ‎Director, Emergency Operations Center at FDNY. Read Article


Our Clients