About Us

Founded in 1994, KenCast is located on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. We are a privately-owned, profitable and growing technology company that produces two product lines.

  • Fazzt® software – delivering a broad variety of multimedia content
  • The EdgeSpan product line – offering hardware solutions for specific content delivery applications such a digital signage, IDL, digital cinema, mobile video delivery, etc.

Our Reliability

For the last two decades, KenCast has developed ultra-reliable software for multicast content, often global, and often encrypted or in DRM format. KenCast understands that such content is useless if even a single bit is wrong. Our secure and efficient Fazzt technology ensures delivery of live video streams and very large encrypted files, often to thousands of sites. KenCast technology is used in applications in the entertainment and media industries, military, homeland security, public safety, and banking and finance, where flawless delivery is often the only option for these applications.

“KenCast has delivered ultra-reliable content for the military and Hollywood studios for two decades.”

KenCast CEO Bill Steele

Some of Our Clients