The EdgeSpan CinemaPro is Hollywood’s preferred product for the digital cinema industry, currently used by top-grossing movie houses. It is the premier choice for upgrading to state-of-the-art content distribution capability for optimal delivery of first-run movies from the Hollywood studios to cineplexes and theaters worldwide.

The CinemaPro is compatible with all digital theater management systems, including legacy systems, and enables delivery by satellite or fiber optics of very large movie files and streaming of live events. It also offers simultaneous recording of live events for time-shifting with its DVR features, allowing staggered delivery to multiple screens in a cineplex, as well as recording of the event for later play out.

The CinemaPro’s DVR-style management features of recording and time shifting for live events affords more screen play options — and that means more ticket sales.


The EdgeSpan CinemaPro comes in 1, 2, and 3-rack unit configurations, accepting multiple satellite feeds, or fiber delivered content. It can handle content at entertainment speeds exceeding 400Mbps. The CinemaPro may be configured to provide internal storage of up to 16 TBytes, interfacing with the theater management system via Ethernet LAN. External storage can provide additional capacity.


Uses Fazzt FEC (forward error correction to correct for missing/corrupt packets in files and streams.
Time-shifting of live events allows for multiple simultaneous screenings of live events.
OS and application updates are provided by KenCast on a regular basis. Updates can be deployed by a central push from the server to a group of selected CinemaPro units.
DCP validation is performed automatically upon reception of DCP files. Forwarding capability to upload DCPs to Theater Management System (TMS).
Multiple aspects of operation (HW, Fazzt application, OS) can be controlled via web GUI. Alarms and reports are sent back to central server for network monitoring and reporting purposes.
Receives commands from Fazzt server to publish, un-publish, delete, and query content. Theater access is limited to published content. Commands can be targeted to a group of sites.
The CinemaPro supports advanced encryption for both files and streams.

CinemaPro Comparison Matrix:


  CinemaPro 1 RU  CinemaPro 2RU  CinemaPro 3RU 
 Storage  2 HDDs (internal)  6 HDDs (hot swappable)  8 HDDs (hot swappable)
 RAID  SW RAID 1 (mirror)   HW RAID 5  HW RAID 5
 Maximum Physical Storage capacity w/ 4TB HDDs (2, 4 and 6 TB options available)  8 TB total (~4 TB usable)   24 TB total (~20 TB usable)  32 TB total (~28 TB usable)
 GbE Ethernet ports  4  4  4
 # of DVB-S2 satellite tuners supported  2  2  2
 # of USB 3.0 ports  2  2  2
 Redundant power supply option  No  Yes  Yes
 LCD display  No  No  Yes
 CRU dataport option  No  Yes  Yes
 USB content import/export  Yes  Yes  Yes