IP Network Bonding for Additional Bandwidth

  • Bonding multiple IP networks together provides greater bandwidth, network redundancy, and flexibility for mobile operations.
  • Network bonding is also referred to as: link aggregation; bonded network interface; channel bonding Interface
  • KenCast provides network bonding and a variety of related tools to support live transmission and playback on demand:  encryption, adaptive bit-rate encoding, forward error correction (FEC), accelerated UDP delivery of files, cloud storage, time-shifting, playback on demand…..
  • Bonding networks together provides additional bandwidth.  When transmitting video streams on bonded networks, adaptive bit rate encoding of the live video stream enables quick adjustment to fluctuations in available bandwidth for continuous smooth playout at receive devices.
  • IP Network Bonding, Acceleration, Protection (FEC), and Security (Encryption) can be employed to/from vehicles on any IP network, such as:

BGAN (3×256 Kbps)                                Satellite

Bluetooth                                                 VSAT

3G/4G LTE                                                WiFi

Fiber                                                         WiMAX

Internet                                                     Others


 Network Bonding

To achieve sufficient bandwidth for many applications, particularly hi-definition video streaming, it is often necessary to aggregate more than one network.  This is referred to as “network bonding” or “link aggregation” or “channel bonding”.   Any IP network is a candidate for bonding and KenCast’s Fazzt can bond a significant number of IP networks (wire or wireless), only limited by the resources devoted to the application.

KenCast makes available a variety of bonding enhancement modules that can readily be incorporated into its Fazzt applications.

Once networks are bonded KenCast uses its tools to send live streams and very large files.  These transmissions include accelerated delivery of files with:

  • Stream multiplexing
  • Packet-reordering
  • Forward-Error Correction (FEC)
  • Congestion control
  • Multi-Threading
  • Compression
  • Audit trail
  • Encryption

Live video stream transmissions can be recorded at the origin and/or at the destination for encore playback and time shifting.  Multiple files and streams can be sent simultaneously in a multiplex on the bonded networks.

Following is a demonstration of a variety of network bondings demonstrated by KenCast at the LandWarNet Show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Click images for bigger view: