KenCast is always keeping an eye on the latest trends, so that our software can be updated to meet the current demands of the times. Here is a summary of the latest trends in digital entertainment.

1.OTT service is growing. According to comScore data in 2016, 53% of all Wi-Fi connected houses have at least one OTT service. Netflix was used by 75% of OTT houses, but other services are growing and starting. For example, Disney recently announced that it would be releasing its own Disney-branded streaming service in 2019.

2. eSports are becoming increasingly popular. eSports are online video game competitions and the market is expected to expand. Liberty Media, who owns interest in major media, communications, and entertainment businesses, has recently entered the eSports industry. New England Patriots’ owner, Robert K. Kraft, and the Mets executive Jeff Wilpon bought eSports leagues for more than $20 million. eSports Competitions at large arenas like Madison Square Garden and Staples Center in Los Angeles have completely sold out.

3. Well known businesses are looking for faster digital delivery solutions. Viewers are continuing to enjoy OTT services and interactive digital content, like eSports, but that also means more network traffic and potentially a higher latency.

In order to solve this problem, Google has developed a new algorithm to speed up TCP, the main transport protocol for traffic on the internet. They call it bottleneck bandwidth and roundtrip (BBR).

TCP is usually extremely fast, but TCP slows down when it detects a packet loss. BBR’s method of dealing with the slowdown is to calculate the speed and data capacity of the pipe before it sends the content to its destination.

Intelsat and Dejero are also trying to speed up TCP delivery by a service that combines ku-band satellite and cellular network bandwidth for a more reliable service.

KenCast has been providing solutions to this problem now for two decades. KenCast’s Fazzt® FEC (Forward Error Correction) and Blazeband use algorithms that dynamically adjust resources from multiple bonded networks and send extra data along with each file or stream through the pipe, so even if packets are lost, the transmission stays fast because the missing data can be solved for by algorithms and the extra data.

If you are looking for a fast, secure, and reliable digital delivery solution, please contact us at We look forward to talking with you about how our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.


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